Bonded Crowns
1.Porcelain bonded to gold crowns
2.Porcelain bonded to gold bridges
Metal free restorations (EMPRESS)
1.Full jacket crowns
2.Porcelain veneers
3.Inlays & onlays
4.Small span bridgework
5.Porcelain post & core
Resin restorations (ESPE Sinfony)
1.Resin bonded to metal (ROCATEC BONDING SYSTEM)
2.Resin jacket crowns
3.Resin veneers
4.Resin inlays & onlays
1.Single tooth screw retained crowns
2.Single tooth cementable crowns
3.Multi unit bridgework
* All major systems used
Crown & bridge
1.Full gold crowns
2.Full gold bridges
3.Inlays & onlays
Special attachments
1.Intra coronal
2.Extra coronal
3.Incorporating cast partial frameworks
* All major systems used