Proven, Durable adhesion...
...of Composite to any metal, acrylic and ceramic.

Put simply, the ROCATEC system is a technique by which you very simply and quickly apply an adhesive ceramic layer on all commercially available dental alloys, acrylics or ceramic surfaces. This makes it possible to create a fissure less adhesive bond between the material and the coated surface, providing long term bonding.

After almost 10 years of practical experience, intensive research and careful application testing, this technology has been confirmed and proven successful offering the technician marginal-gap-free bonding and high abrasive material stability to produce high quality prostheses, crowns and bridges.

No other laboratory bonding system on the market to date, has the supportive data and clinical evidence of the Espe ROCATEC system.

Features and Benefits:

Rocatec is a state of the art bonding system. The system applies a silicate surface to a metal, acrylic or porcelain, creating an adhesive bond between that materials and the coated surface, - reliably, quickly and economically, without the need for mechanical retention or time consuming preparatory measures.
Direct visual evaluation, rapid and accurate application and consistently high bond technology FREE OF MECHANICAL RETENTION for Dental Technician.

  • Visible control of surface treatment
  • Direct application and easy handling
  • Free of mechanical retention
  • High and constant adhesion stability even under extreme conditions
  • Bonding system without generating extreme heat, eliminating thermal stress of the substrate. This is of particular relevance when treating and metal substrates
  • Well proven proven gap free bonding


  • Treatment of metal facing for crowns and bridges
  • Improved adhesion of bridgework eg Maryland bridges, winged bridges
  • Repairs of porcelain and composite facings
  • Implant superstructures
  • Coating of Chrome Cobalt saddles, clasps, individual retentive areas prior to adding acrylic
  • Customising acrylic and porcelain denture teeth using light cured composite material
  • Adding facing to outer copings
  • Coating articulated metal areas of model casting
  • Coating of precision attachments prior to cementation using composite cement (eg. Nimetic - Cem)
  • Pre-treatment of bonding layer prior to cementation of porcelain restorations, laminate veneers, inlays/onlays, and orthodontic brackets.